4 Elite Pax, some fighting injuries and others sickness, pushed through the pain today on a five-mile run that took us to the Farmer’s Market, among other places.  Getty’s shoulder injury (injured while cage fighting or engaging in some other strenuous, demanding activity, right?) didn’t set him back a bit today.  Neither did Mr. Hand’s hip.  Nor whatever was going on with Sunshine (Mr. Punji) today.  Strong work by all.



Yo-yo and other BRR Runners are holding an info night for the race next Tuesday, 4/7 at 7:30 pm at Yard House in North Hills.  The first round is on Yo-yo.

Getty took us out in prayer.

YHC got called out for quoting a Dixie Chicks song in a Wolf Run Tweet.  Apologies to all; that will never happen again.