A PAX of 4 converged on Kenny’s Graveyard despite the warnings from Wake County Public Schools, Town of Fuquay Varina Emergency Management Staff, Department of Homeland Security and others for a 25 degree beatdown.   Yosef was dealing with a pinched nerve so YHC and Tardy stepped in to arrange a meeting with “The Beast”

The Warmup

Snow. Begins. Now.  Jog around track

Side Straddle Hops x 25, Mountain Climbers x25. Merkins X20; Fazio Arm Circles 15 Forward 15 Reverse (nice call  on this Tardy following the prior two, just sayin’)

The Thang

“The Beast”

  • 6 Stations around the islands in the parking lot
  • 6 Reps at each station  (Merkins, Prisoner Squats, Star Jumps, Carolina Dry Docks, Imperial Squat Walkers, Burpees)
  • 6 Cycles of the whole thing
  • 6-6-6  “The Beast”

After significant form and style coaching by New Mexico, we all made it through it.  Good won over evil in the end.

Time to kill (Yeah, we’re just that good):  People chair – Balls to the Wall x20 – Mountain Climber Balls to the wall x20  (extra credit)

Mary  (WW2s x25, reverse LBC x25,  Chilcut plant-o-rama with 10 count – 15 count for New Mexico


  • 3 Year convergence – March 7th – double down
  • Q school – March 15th
  • Mud Run April 11 – signup deadline looms Deadbolt may want to form a team from the Dirty South

Prayers – New Mexico as he considers opportunities

YHC took us out in prayer.

Thanks for pushing me and making me a better man, guys – awesome work!!!!!