Kickstarter +1 had to call an audible Sunday afternoon and relocate to the friendly confines of The Crick for the 2nd official workout. A pair of wayward lads attempted to burn down our home, so we’ll be on an extended road trip while our house gets put back in order. Fortunately, in Kickstarter tradition, the rain got the tweet and posted.

The Thang:
Jog around the half loop and up to the basketball court. Circle up.
• Good mornings x15
• Imperial Walkers x15
• Windmills x15
• Side Straddle Hops x15
• Mountain Climbers x15
• Merkins x15
• Sir Fazio Arm Circles x15 / Reverse x 15

Jog over to the annex.
Spiderman crawl the hand rails around the building.

Jog around to the front of the school. Find a spot at the brick planter.
• Erkins x10
• Dips x10
• Left/Right Step Up x20
• Derkins x10

Jog around the side of the school. Drop your rucks.
• Peoples Chair – Pass the ruck down and back, 3 overhead presses
• Drop 6″ – Peoples Chair – Pass the ruck down and back, 3 bicep curls
• Balls to the wall 10 count down the line
• Jog down the stairs up the sidewalk up the far staircase and back on the wall
• Balls to the wall 10 count down the line

Mosey to the top of the stairs for a set of Nines aka Elevens….
• Star Jumps at the top of the stairs, Prisoner Squats at the bottom

Jog down the parking lot, back to the pavilion.
Circle up for Mary
• LBCs x20
• Low Slow Flutter Kicks x20
• Boxcutters x20
• WWII Sit Ups x20
• Merican’ Hammers x20

• Sign up for the Mud Run, Need to fill one last spot on the Crick Team
• March 7th 6:45 Convergence at Pullen for the 3rd F3 Raleigh anniversary.  Extra credit workout at 0600.
• The Kickstarter location will be in flux for awhile, if you plan to post check the website/twitter feed prior
• Prayers for PacTime’s friend, recently divorced with children facing financial uncertainty
• Prayers for the two young men who vandalized the Kickstarter site and their families

It was a pleasure to lead these fine gentlemen this morning.

God Bless My Friend,
Bob Ross