We got there at 5:33.  Why are we here so early? There’s no one here. I don’t know drive around a bit. Drive down that road.  What’s down this road? Oh, it’s 5:43 we need to get back to Lourdes. Ok good there’s a few people here, no fake workout or backblast needed, we’ll do the work today. It’s the Myrtle Winter Hurtle after all.

What’s the Myrtle Winter Hurtle you ask? Well as I tried to explain once again over the mumblechatter it is an 8-15 week training course, designed by YHC to get your AAS in shape. Arms (the cure to skinny arms disease), Abs (for that tanned beach bod 6pack feel), Stamina (as to not be out of breath during 4min of any vigorous activity).  Follow the Myrtle Q to a Workout Site near you, once per week for the next 8-17 weeks. Timeframe is still fuzzy.

The Thang:

Run around Lourdes, up the side hill to the back entrance. In the parking lot, 20x Side Shuffle Hops, 20x Mountain Climbers, 20x Quick Feet, 20x Irkins.  Time for 11’s, starting 1 Merkin at top, and 10 Prisoner Squats at the bottom. Fungo was especially strong on the 11’s, even went backwards a few times.  He lapped the 2nd place PAX. Strong Fungo, Strong. Lead us in a plank-o-rams while the rest finish as your reward. – STAMINA & ARMS

Run up to the center area, 10x Dips on fence, 10x Irkins, 10x Dips with a little random French Dip built in. ARMS.

Run to next building, Petal to the Metal 10x each leg. Run to the well lit parking deck (no muggings here). 13x LBC, 13x Reverse LBC, 14x Alternating Oblique Crunch, 13x Cannon Balls, 13x Heels to Heaven, 13x REVERSE Freddie Mercury’s, 13x Hammers, 6x Boat/Canoe. 6x Ukrainian Hammers (self-titled) which is a Hammer 4 count with alternating Boat/Canoes. ABS.

Run around and up some stairs, up some more stairs, up a hill, down a hill, around again and down some stairs to run some more. STAMINA.

Mosey over to the pull up station with 10x OYO Pull-ups, and 10x Austrian Pull-ups OYO and flapjack again. ARMS.

Next for some hill charges, sprint up the hill, and backpedal down 6x. STAMINA

Run back to starting line for 10x Diamond Merkins. DONE!


Thanks to the Pain Train for counting this morning.  Thanks to the Ladies of Lourdes for having me.  Serious though I might talk a bit, but I am honored to lead, just hope everyone enjoys it and I cause more good than harm.

TARP goes to PurBare on a regular basis and likes it.

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