As the title says, 8 PAX escaped the urge to fartsack on a 25 degree morning and answered the call of the bell.


Figure 8’s IC x20
Dead lift x10 OYO
Squat Pull x10 OYO
Two Hand Swing IC x20

Mosey to the lower track and pair up.

P1 crawls from exterior fence up the three flights of stairs and back.
P2 does AMRAP of a given bell exercise

#1- two handed swings
#2- alternating one handed swings
#3- flutter kicks
#4- two handed swings
#5- alternating one handed swings

That sucked. Onto the next station of pain… the bleachers.

Bent rows (lawnmower starting style) x20
Goblet Squats x10
Repeato x3

Mosey to our favorite brick wall for the people’s chair bell pass line.



GORUCK 2015– Do it. See Kanye (@F3Kanye) or myself for details. Also, HC here:

It’s always an honor to lead and associate with men of this caliber. The Blitz sharpens the iron; no doubt about that. #itsuckedbutwemadeit