As Co-Q of The Judge along with my compadre, Denali, I speak for both of us when I say we were very pleased with the turnout of 17 Pax this morning, including a few newcomers to this AO.  Not sure you knew what you were in for but glad you came all the same.  In an effort not to let these brave souls down, YHC introduced, or reminded the regulars, of the fun incline on the Capital Area Greenway leading up to the I-440 bridge.  It’s approximately a mile in and 5:30 sharp so let’s do this!

Quick pace run to base of what I’ll call for now, Big Freakin’ Hill, or BFH (sound off for much more creative names).

Oval up for COP upon arrival at the lower bridge (don’t worry, we don’t do arm circles at The Judge).

20 X SSH, 20 X Imperial Walker, 15 X Merkin

The Thang

Pick a partner(s) of similar speed, if possible.

-Run with your partner up the BFH and perform:

  • 15 Parker Peters (Plank Twists) -ea. side is 1 count near side of bridge (This exercise is easy enough, but after the BFH climb, it’s a welcomed one)
  • 15 Partner Derkins  (ea. partner) far side of bridge (Challenge yourself to hold plank when you’re supporting)
  • 15 Burpees near side of bridge

-Descend BFH  and perform 15 Partner Merkin Hi Fives

Repeato until time called.

-Gather the crowd at base and head back to parking lot for Mary (YHC held back to ensure all heads were accounted for so missed Mary #notintended, so those that were there can sound off on what was called.  Thanks to Yo-Yo for picking up the slack.


COT with prayer offered by YHC.


-BFH repeats are a beast in and of themselves, but dropping down to complete the exercises over the bridge adds a whole new element of pain.  There will be running, preferably fast, at The Judge and I was pleased that complaints were non-existent, at least that I heard.  #strongsilence

-Everyone fought to the end and I know that last mile back was no fun so way to push, men.  Glad to see the strong turnout and hope you’ll all be back regularly -there’s much more fun in store this Spring.

Announcements and Prayer Requests:

-Mud Run is April 11th and signup is now open.  Form your team and get after it!

-F3 Raleigh 3 year anniversary March 7th. Convergence @ Pullen Park.

-Prayers for Ice9’s wife and family, Coopdog’s father, Dingo’s meeting, and Yo-Yo’s brother for quick recovery.

Pretty work and always an honor to lead you all.