13 PAX came out for a solid no frills morning. No FNGs. Limited cadence counts. Other than the first two stations, all exercises were kept in a small, tight circle. YHC watched the PAX at each station and all signals to rotate were called based upon observed levels of fatigue


  • Jog around the park
  • Good Mornings
  • Deep Shoulder Circles
  • Qigong Cranes
  • Prisoner squats

The Thang.

Pair up,  AMRAP until YHC calls rotate.

  • Burpee Pull-ups (burpee leaping into a pull-up on the crossbar of the swings)
  • Swerkins (feet suspended on swing, Derkin plus knee crunch)
  • Wall ball toss over backstop
  • Partner #1 weighted Squat/ Partner #2 Merkins – flapjack
  • Partner #1 Deadlift, Clean & Press/ Partner #2 Merkins – flapjack
  • Partner #1 Reverse Lunge w/Dumbell Curl/ Partner #2 Merkins – flapjack
  • Partner #1 Kettlebell swing/ Partner #2 Kettlebell snatch– flapjack
  • Curls

(Run to first station)


White Shoe led the PAX in 50 4-count flutters

COT & Prayers

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.