34 dove head first into the weekly pain fest we call SharkTank. Most got full credit.

On Time:

Run over to the bottom of Greenwood Cliff.

  • 11’s with Crossfit burpees at the top and double-count merkins at the bottom
  • Head back to the magic ball to pick up the rest of the crew.


SSH x 15

Run down the Greenway towards the clock tower with stops for the following:

  • Burpees x 15
  • Knee-ups x 20 and hold, Russian Twists x 20

Run over to Edgehill Park and stop about half way to Hermitage. Partner up while we run to save time.

  • Partner 1 takes off around the park in one direction, Partner 2 takes off in the other direction. When you meet your partner, partner declines x 15 each, 15 burpees each.
  • Continue until you meet your partner 4 times.
  • Mary until we have the 6.

Run to Hermitage and make your way over to Baxter. Stops along the way for diamonds in and wide-arms in cadence x 15.

On our way up Baxter to the Cherry Park field we enjoyed some partner carries and wheelbarrow.

Line up on the Cherry Park field.

  • Bear crawl across
  • Burpee broad jump across
  • Bear crawl across (for Dredd)
  • AYG across. Repeat x ?

Jail break back for COT


  • Near perfect weather out there this morning. Actually had to remove the skull cap early and get some moonshine on the old dome.
  • If you missed the first 15, shame on you. It sucked.
  • Awesome crew out there as there always is at ST. Fun to watch the races b/n the pairings of SF/Foul Ball and Cindy/IH. Partner carries – advantage SF/Foul Ball. Wheelbarrow – advantage Cindy/IH (swim stroke).
  • Plenty of other speed out there as well – Stinger, H.E., Doc, STH, Slaughter pushing hard, among others.
  • I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how I lost my Edgehill partner, Big Chair, when I looked for him on the partner carries. Turns out he dumped me for somebody new. It’s cool b/c he left me with LBJ who is a partner carry beast. Nice push on the sprints, Big Chair.
  • Raleigh brothers Enron and Tony Robbins swallowed the #redpill for the 2nd straight day. Nice work, gentlemen. Glad you could join us.
  • Welcome to FNG’s Surrender and Highlighter. The Tank is not an easy intro. Glad you both pushed through with smiles on your faces.
  • Loved having Ice 9 out there with us this morning. We are with you brother.


  • 3rd F opportunity on Thursday’s after SharkTank at The Net – meet at Dunkin for coffee, donuts, and meaningful chatter.
  • AG this afternoon and every Thu – 4:45. Make today your day to post.