The Thang: Since it was awfully brisk and the QIC was wearing shorts we started with a nice leisurely jaunt around the Pullen Pond. Bear Crawl first bridge, 15 Burpees OYO and then lunge walk second bridge and onto a nice stroll back to the entrance and circle up for: 25 SSH, 20 good morning, 20 Imperial walker and finished with 20 cadence count Merkins.

The 14 PAX divided into teams of three (Rogers and Franzia = 3) and rolled into the Swerkin and Stairbarrow zone. Two Pax would SB while the third member of the team did AMRAP swerkins. Once the stairbarrow two completed a rep the “wheel” would go and flapjack with swerkin PAX and he would run to stairs and assist other Pax team member with wheel obligation. Swerkin total of 300 per team was the goal and upon completion plank until all in. Audible by QIC was that partner carry was reasonable substitute to stairbarrow.

Quick run to shelter for 20 cadence alternating left right step up, run to bridge, bear crawl, 15 burpees, lunge walk next bridge, run to steps. At the steps we cranked out 25 cadence quick feet and then dropped down for Irkins. Top step 20 Irkins, mid step 15 Irkins and lower step 10 Irkins with a little Down Dog yoga stretch mixed in for the PAX hammies. Putin and Sarkozy to finish the steps off with some low plank hold. Upon return to carousel QIC was reminded of Roo’s 50th birthday beatdown the previous week and in honor called out Balls to the Wall 50 hip slaps. When it became obvious no one could complete the task it was audibled AMRAP and My Boy Blue led the pace with 78 completed. The rest of the PAX almost tied Blue’s effort as a group. Ran back to granite round-a-bout for Mary and COT.

Lifted up in prayer Hushpuppy’s dad and entire family as they bravely battle cancer. Also lifted up the family of Will and Nadine Pittman in hopes their young son will be healed.

Thanks to Fudd for taking us out with a thoughtful and measured prayer.

Thanks to Mr. Rogers and Epoxy for allowing me to Q.