Costco said he didn’t want to (or couldn’t), but 26 other PAX actually posted this morning. It’s Urban Jungle, which historically means you have to use #UrbanJungle, and the pre-workout twittermumblechatter is kept to a minimum.  No more I say!  Quite a feat of men that @F3UrbanJungle has been blasted into the 21st century with a handle of it’s own.  “You’re welcome”  Now, on to the Myrtle Winter Hurtle, v2.

What’s the Myrtle Winter Hurtle you ask? Well as I tried to explain once again over the mumblechatter it is an 8 week training course, designed by YHC to get your AAS in shape. Arms (the cure to skinny arms disease), Abs (for that tanned beach bod 6pack feel), Stamina (as to not be out of breath during 4min of any vigorous activity).  Follow the Myrtle Q to a Workout Site near you, once per week for the next 8 weeks.

The Thang

Run around to the front of North Hills entrance, ovaling up around the “you’ve won a new car!” display at the movie theater entrance. 20x Mtn.Climbers, 20x Merkins, 20x Carolina Dry Docks, 10x each leg single leg deadlift with simultaneous arm circles (pain with a spin, just to show I’m not completely against arm circles (much love Sir Fasio)), 20x Mtn. Climbers, 20x Merkins, 20x Power Squats (get down in it!). Shuffle over to the fake grass area. 20x LBCs, 20x Alt. Oblique Crunch, 20x WWII Sit-ups, 20x Reverse Freddie Mercury’s, 20x Derkins (on benches) 20x Diamond Merkins, 20x Cannon Balls, 6 Reps of Boat/Canoe, 20x Russian Hammers, 10x Ukrainian Hammers (which is a alternating Boat/Canoe during a Russian Hammer session – personally from YHC). Oh, that was the Arm & Ab sessions.

Run opposite down escalators from Mura, to down escalators through Target, and back up and around. Jog around the parking deck randomly (no maps available) and start a Jack Webb Session 10-1, and 1-10.  Some call this 11’s, I call it Jack Webb’s, and I’m the Q, so there (and more arms son!). Run through the parking deck again, and grab a column. 20x Balls to the Wall w/ 3 pushups in that position, 20x People’s Chair w/ 3 squats in the position, 20x Balls to the Wall w/ 3 pushups in that position, 20x People’s Chair w/ 3 squats in the position. Run around the parking lot some more (this is the stamina session ladies) going out of the deck, and then backwards up the back hill, and back into the deck for 10 OYO pull-ups, 10 OYO Wide Grip Merkins, 10 OYO pull-ups, 10 OYO Wide Grip Merkin. Run back through the deck, opposite ways down escalators, back to Mura start point, around the back, around the back parting lot, and then finally back to the starting point at JCP. Grab some curb, 20x quick feet, 20x mini jump-ups, 20x Irkins. DONE.


So I know I haven’t worked out in a week, but goodness this one hurt. I appreciate those that were counting along, I know many we not able to, as there were some quiet times this morning.  Maybe I just talked above everyone, or maybe I just couldn’t hear (because it was obvious I couldn’t see or count at times), or maybe everyone was just star-struck. Myrtle Struck. I know I have that affect upon people.  Seriously though it was an honor to lead, and I’m humbly humbled by it.

Congrats UJ, this is your backblast.

See you all for Myrtle Winder Hurtle v3 – coming to Ball Bearings next week.

3 year Anny @ Pullen 3/7

Prayers to Hush Puppy’s family.

Countrywide took us out in BOM