6 PAX stepped off for an early recon-ruck in search of locations for future install of F3 pullup bars. Recent encounters with restless natives dressed in warpaint and curlers have threatened continued usage of current favorite pullup bar.   Stay tuned for AAR documenting site selection.

Warmup – SSH (x30), Imperial Walkers (x20), arm circles, BWS (x20), merkin pyramid (x100).
Numb arms + swollen chest = we roll.

The Thang – Yog (it’s like jogging, with a soft ‘j’) to SV Centre . Hands on the wall for dips (x10), irkins (x10), dips (x10).  Move out.  Find hill.  Descend the hill by way of walking lunge.  Turn around and admire hill.  Ascend hill with combo of traveling burpees (1st half) and Lo Bear Crawl (2nd half). Recover while planking.  Knoxville sent to scout for any lost PAX who have gone astray.

Return to parking lot to play with coupons.  24 PAX divided into 3 groups; rotate between curls w/ coupons (dumbbells, kettle bell, slosh pipes, sandbag),  BWS & merkins.  30 seconds on; 10 seconds off.  Official merkin count unavailable (due to absence of TI from PAX) – but somewhere in the range of 1 million.

Mary – Collapsing ruble hammer (formerly Russian hammer) (x20), Heels to the heavens (x19), LBC (x51).

COT – Tclaps to Dunphy for a well-organized 2nd F last night at The Crunkleton.
Schedule unchanged for next week.  Be sure to post on Christmas Eve for an early Christmas present courtesy of Dunphy

Extra Credit – YHC is always thankful for the respective strengths brought by the PAX.  Truly a blessing to be a brother to you all and those those throughout F3nation. Continued thoughts and support to LP who is as strong as ever – and an awesome example to us all. -Coco