12 PAX rolled into Baileywick Park for the final Juggernaut of 2014. YHC arrived at Baileywick first to see one of NC’s finest sitting in the parking lot. We both sat in our cars for a few minutes before the officer exited the parking lot. Guess he didn’t want to join us in the gloom (or care what we were doing).

YHC received a text from his FNG that he’d be 5 minutes late. Instead of running off into the dark, we called an audible and stayed close by.

Warmups-Loop around the parking lot. SSH x25, Good mornin x15, Imperial Walker x20, Fazios x15 each direction, Mountain climbers x15. FNG arrived during warm-ups, so disclaimer given after.

Mosey to the baseball field. Indian run the fence line. Partner up

1-Bear crawl to first, run to the fence and back. 2-AMRAP Squats, FJ

1-Crab walk straight out to second, fence and back 2-People’s chair, FJ

1-Broad jump straight out to third, fence and back 2-Balls to Walls, FJ

Picnic tables: 12’s. 11 dips –> 1 Sum squat jump, 10 dips –> 2 Sumo squats. You know the drill. Repato with 11 irkins –> 1 step up, 10 irkins –> 2 step ups. Continue.

Two lines. Indian Run from the parking lot up to the street. At the end 10 burpees OYO. Indian run back to the parking lot.

DIRT MACDEUCE. YHC needed a way to rep the 12 days of Christmas, so the Dirty seemed fitting. 3 Exercises, x12 in cadence each. Instead of 12 counts of rest, we jogged a loop around the parking lot between each set.

1. Merkins, LBCs, Mountain Climbers, jog the loop

2. Dry docks, Mercury’s, Monkey humpers, jog the loop (feels great after monkey humpers)

3. Wide grip merkins, World War 2 sit-ups, chilcutt peter-parkers (exactly how it sounds), jog loop

4. Scorpion Dry docks (thanks to the newly created F3 exercise database), American Hammers, and the grand finale 12 burpees OYO


Strong showing from the PAX this morning. Only 2 Brier Creek PAX answered my Twitter and email challenge to come see us (T-Claps Bob Ross and Ventura). YHC had been EH’ing a Nationwide colleague for the last few months and today he answered the call. During Name-o-rama he shared that he was unable to do the two sets of burpees we did. T-Claps for honesty. Fittingly named him “Honest Abe”.

Christmas Party on Monday night, No Juggernaut on the 26th, back again on January 2nd at 6am. FNG friendly workout over at the Leesville Library kicking off in Jan. Temporary workout to try and get some new guys assimilated. Prayers for Snufflufagus and the folks he knows facing illness and injury (friend with lung cancer, dad, father in law, friend’s dad, sorry if I missed any).

Pleasure to lead you men as always!