The Thang:

Warm up with 12 day of Christmas

Jog down to bottom of parking lot

Set up teams of 3

Indian Run up to the top of the parking lot and do

  • 10 – Burpees

Indian Run down to the bottom of the parking lot and do

  • 10 – Merkins
  • 10 – Prisoner Squats
  • 10 – Mountain Climbers

Repeato for a total of 50 

The First Team to finish up got to plank while the rest did an exercise of the winners choice

  • 10 – WWII sit ups <-Thanks for taking it easy on us guys.

Jog to the basketball courts and split into 1’s & 2’s

  • 1’s – Balls to the wall
  • 2’s – Bear Crawl the length of the court and back

Flap jack

  • 1’s – Murder Suicides
  • 2’s – LBC’s

Flap Jack

  • 1’s – Murder Suicides
  • 2’s – Rosalita’s

Flap Jack

Circle up for Plank-O-Rama

5 – count all around for

  • Plank hold
  • 6″ leg hold
  • Chill Cut
  • Low Plank Hold


Prayer Requests for a young man in the hospital dealing with respiratory issues and for everyone traveling on the roads to be safe.

Thanks to everyone who showed up! I had a great time working with you all!