12 PAX posted up at Bradford’s Ordinary in BEEUTIFUL downtown Cary.

The shovel flag was planted and the tunes were cranked up as we hit the road for the town square.
We circled up in front of Fidelity bank and proceeded to warm up in front of the little bird from Peanuts art work.

Warm up.

SSH, Mountain Climbers, IW, Fazio AC with a mummy kick, merkins, squat hold pump your arms….all 12 x

We then hit the 12 Days of Christmas Ladder

1. Double Jump Burpee
2. Jumping Lunge
3. Squats
4. Dips
5. Decline Merkins
6. WWII Sit ups
7. Carolina DD
8. LBC
9. MC
10. ‘Merican Hammers
11. Plank Jacks
12. Burpees

Coney took the reins and we hit the road to the little park on Academy Street.

Paired up with 1’s doing 50 Box cutters and 2’s suicides flapjack. 1’s 40 WWII Sit Ups and 2’s suicides flapjack
1’s did an exercise I can’t remember and 2 suicides. Flapjack

Circle up for merkins x 15 with a clap, wide grip merkins x 15, merkins with a clap x 15, Carolina DDs x15
Hit the road.

Circle up for a brief Mary workout.


Prayers for YHC’s cousin, Wonks family and Callahan’s co-worker who passed.

Rip Tide took us out with a devotion which focused on Fellowship and having Christ in our midst. It hit the nail on the head and we experience it every day with F3!

Coney and I enjoyed leading the boys this am.

Merry Christmas!!