The PAX of 6 gathered at Centennial on an ominous morning with plenty of gloom in the air. There are times when a person has a plan, but doesn’t know what they are doing. On other occassions there is no plan, but they know what they are doing. Sometimes there’s no plan and you don’t know what you are doing. At 5:55 it’s asked “Who’s the Q?”… 5:58 it’s asked, “Where’s the Q?”……at 6:00 the following words were said, “Follow me.”

The Thang:

Warm up run (estimate .75 miles)


Good Mornings x 20, Merkins x 20, Plank Jacks x 20, Mountain Climbers x 20, Diamonds x 20, Imperial Walkers x 20, Burpees x 20

Short jog to outdoor Stairway

Run the steps x 2, Bunny Hop the steps x 2

Run to Parking Garage bottom level

Sprint up the ramps, stop for Merkins x 20 at each level (4 levels I think)

Down the stairwell to the bottom, Merkins x 20

Jacob’s Ladder with Purpees to the top & back (ascending to 7)

Merkins x 20

Sprint up the ramps, stop at the top for Diamond Merkins x 20

Run back to home base


Cockroach x 20, Bows to the Right x 20, Bows to the Left x 20

10 count and that is all…….



-Ohhhhh goodness T-Square, not positive what UA level is assigned for oversleeping when you are the Q…..pretty sure it’s high. Will have to consult the founding fathers for a ruling. May his fate not find the same as the following 

-Free haircuts at Lynwood Grill Sunday at 1pm, but only one style offered. Come out for a little F2, Maize has the first round for all F3 Raleigh PAX who show up.

-YHC pushed hard as the Q for a FEBA or Bastard call, but the PAX would provide no such pleasure. The above sign must have been posted in the parking deck. Feel like I left out a another 20 x Merkin in the Back Blast, maybe not.

-Enron & Minnie have the Q at Pullen tomorrow morning, reason #26 you should post unless unavoidably detained.

-Go Ruck May 25th, The Forge next Tuesday at Pullen – 6am, my childhood dog’s name was Argus

-Weather outlook is perfect for next week, gloves will not be necessary (or potentially tolerated). Those who say they don’t work out in cold weather no longer have that reason or excuse. EH your FNG candidates as well as the many Kotters we have out there. Nothing like talking it and then not walking it, I’ll be in the Gateway City being talked to for 3 days.

As always, it has been an honor and a privilege…Aye!