Teleported to January for weather purposes this morning, and Heavy Metal embarks on what is mercifully called a snake-bit morning…

The Thang:

Warm Up: Howard runs the Pax ’round the Park while Money Hose sets up Camp Meathead; Howard leads the pax through traditional warm up while Money Hose sets up the Rope;  Howard leads the pax through Merkin Make Work while Money Hose sets up the Rope (again).

Star Chamber: Rope Climb; Pull Ups; Medicine Ball Toss; ‘Bot Push; Sled Push; Cinder ManMakers; Kettlebell Swings; Tree Lunges

Partner Rotations X 2.5 Minutes

After each evolution, Pax lunge walks to Shovel Flag (actual) in center of loose circle; jogs back to next station.

Mary: 30 X Russian Hammers; 20 X Rosalitas


  • Lately, if you show up at Heavy Metal early enough you see a band of angry clandestine types in synthetic fabrics that run a size small milling about.  GoRuck trains at Roanoke at 0500, lead by everybody’s favorite  walking NCAA secondary violation.  #selfreport #itsforthekids.
  • Wendell Gee’s car tire got stabbed by a curb on Greenwood.  #FirstSnakeBite
  • The GoRucks were hunting for Villa’s car keys.  The grid search scope was something like “Roanoke Park” and the five surrounding blocks.  #SecondSnakeBite
  • Pretty sure the “have you checked your bag, car, area surrounding your car?” and the “now, where do you last remember having them?” questions become less helpful as the search draws out.  Movie ends with Dear Missus Villa driving to the rescue.
  • Meanwhile, the key search shanghaied the on-time start, which caused your truly to scramble and Howard to lead Merkin Make Work.  See above.
  • Somehow, it came out that Maize drives and posts with one key.  No questions.
  • The ‘Bot is a beauty.  Howard is the carpenter’s apprentice in many ways.  Tclaps.  Pretty sure we pushed it up hill with a cool hundo of playground sand aboard.
  • Wendell Gee is charitable and humble for all that know him.  His latest act of charity was allowing White Shoe to change his tire, knowing full well that such news would trickle gush back to the jobsite in real time and the facts might could possibly get contorted expanded embellished en route.