19 Pax into the Ball Bearings gloom on a still cold but not too bad Wednesday morning.  Starting to be able to see a little bit but not really.

WARM UP:  20 standard merkins, jog to basketball court, 15 diamond merkins, jog to lower field, 15 wide merkins.

Running warm up.  30 yard warm up exercise, jog it out 30 yards.  high knees, but kickers, side shuffle slide x 2, backwards run x 2, karaoka x 2.


Mosey to Hamburger Hill.  Old school jacobs ladder: 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 burpees at the top, and a few more for those who can’t concentrate and lose count. 

Mosey to upper field.  Balls to the wall 15 count, peoples chair for 1 minute, partner slow count decline merkins / partner plank x 10, jumping lunges x 15.  Repeat a total of 3 times.

Mosey to stone circle, get on the wall.  Dips x 15, alternating left right step up x 15, one arm incline merkins x 8 with each arm, run up to road around island of southeast asian brush.  Repeat a total of 3 times.

Mosey to lower field for Mary.  LBCs x 40, hello dolly x 20, windshield wipers x 20, russian hammers x 20, WWII sit ups x 20, alternating oblique crunch x 20.


  • Standard Wednesday at Ball Bearings, but a little less running.  Hopefully got the blood pumping nonetheless.
  • Thoughts to the Money Hose family for a speedy recover from stubborn, non-enjoyable illness.
  • Come out to Lynnwood Grill Sunday at 1:00 to see Chong Li, Utah and Floppy Disk lose their hair to support the St. Baldricks kids.
  • Good reports on the FNG friendly Tuesday’s with Howard at Pullen.  For all those who say they need to get in shape to workout, no more excuses.
  • HC for the Raleigh GoRuck.  Stop thinking of reasons you can’t do it and start thinking of reasons you can.   Just do it.