Hot and sweaty for a beat down at the Nut.  Great job for Liquid Force (2.0) making his way out for the start of his summer vacation.

Warm Up:  Lap around the front of the school to the circle in the back for SSH x20, Windmill x10, Good Morning x10, Fazio Arm Circles x10 forward x10 backwards, and Around the Clock Merkins starting at 12, pivoting to 9, 6, 3, and back to 12.

To get the party started, the PAX worked some Mary with LBCs x20, Boat Canoe x20, Pickle Pounders x20, and WWIIs x20.  Repeated doing rounds of 15, 10, and 10.

For the main event, the PAX lined up for follow the leader.  Round 1 consisted of Lunge Walks along the back side of the school, then Walking Balls on the side wall, jog over to the parking lot for Deep Squat Jumps over the parking curbs up the center section, over to the curb for Sideways Bear Crawl, down to the next curb section for Quick Feet, to the final exercise of Imperial March Indian Run around the track back to the starting point.  Repeat for round 2, except for doing Bear Crawl over the center section parking curbs and Sideways Crab Walk along the first section of sidewalk curb.

Mary: Rotation between Left Right Step Ups and LBC/Boat Canoe/Pickle Pounds/WWII doing rounds of 20, 15, 10, 10/25.

Prayer Requests:  Notta