For the first time in F3Durham history (albeit short history), all members of the PAX came with shorts and tshirts and embraced the suck as we tackled our daily downPAINment

Warm-up by Floyd:
Each PAX was given 5 random cards each (7 or higher). The leader had 12 cards, 4 aces, 4 2’s and 4 5’s.
Each PAX, in turn, would play a card. That was the number of reps. The PAX could add cards of the same suit if he wished (i.e. a king of hearts plus a 10 of hearts = 20).
The leader would then turn a card. Spades= burpees, Diamonds= merkins, Clubs= jump lunges, Hearts= LBCs. Aces would multiple the reps by 1, 2’s would double the reps, 5’s cut the number in half.
All in all, a bunch of exercises were performed, especially when Flying J dropped a 20 and then a 2 of spades turned it into 40 burpees…..on the second set of exercises. It was brutal. Flying J later dropped another 20 and a 2 of diamonds turned it into 40 merkins.
Some PAX casually mentioned that this was not in fact a warm up, but that’s what you get when you come up with a set of exercises while drinking the night before.

Yeah… so once the “warm-up” was completed…

Mosey over to the quad
Fartlek sprints – jog at your own pace around the quad (I’d estimate to about 3/4 size soccer field) – every 45 seconds, you sprint to the opposite side (long or short, just depends where you land)
x 10 sprints

Cakalaky choo-choo down the length of the quad… brutal…

Merkin sprints: 40 second clock – 10 merkins, sprint around a drain ~50 yard out and back – whatever time is left on the clock is rest – repeato x5

Pyramids: reverse pull-ups and squats (10 pullups, 1 squat, 9 pullups, 2 squats, 8….)

People’s chair with arms extended for a while

Mary: went around the circle and did 11 total: WW2s, froggies, heels to heaven, rosa dolleys (hello-litas), russian twists, bicycles, LBCs, putins/sarkosys,… a couple more


– As a matter of policy, if you would like Floyd to Q something, please give him 2 weeks notice beforehand… apparently ONLY giving him 24h leads to Durham Hold’em
– When playing a crazy person card game… whatever you do… don’t get 40 burpees on the second exercise… especially when Floyd says “I was thinking about it; the worst possible scenario would be 40 burpees, but that would be really unlikely”… doomed.
– Congrats to Timbuktu, M.Timbuktu and best wishes to Timbukone