Heavy Metal Record of 20 Pax on the Field Today… 

The Thang:

Warm Up (Ben Johnson has the helm): Run around the Park; shadowy exercises that YHC couldn’t make out in the gloom.  Imperial Walkers may have been involved…

The Deal (repeato approximately 1.4577388 times): 

First station completes one Escobar each and then relieves the next station on the line…

10 Stations: 

Pablo Escobars/KB Swings

Cross Grip Dead Hang Pull Ups/ Hanging Leg Shin Feet Ankle Raises

Chuck’n Run/Sit Ups with Todd the Micro Medicine Ball Extended

Bench Jumps/DCP 50 lbs KB X 10

Uphill Sprints (max reps)

Power Sled Push/Plank on the Medicine Ball (max reps)

Rope Waves (max reps)

Sears Barbell Dead Lift/Box Jumps (max reps)

Jack Webbs with Cinder Blocks/Upright Rows & Shoulder Presses with Trees

Jack Webbs with Cinder Blocks/Upright Rows & Shoulder Presses with Trees (not a typo–repeated stations)


Margin Notes:

  • Good to have our man Dallas aboard from Charlotte…
  • All keys accounted for by the GoRuckers. 
  • In a breakthrough for the neighborhood peace accords, Wendell Gee agreed to end tire on curb violence.
  • The record turnout required some improvisation, but Howard’s Power Sled saved the day…
  • Chong Li & Fungo will be holding a Battle of the BusinessSpeak All-Stars.  Details to be Optimized ahead of the power curve with synergy in real-time.  Strategic thinking with tactical execution.  Stay tuned…
  • Inexplicably, after walking at a leisurely pace to his vehicle, William Maize Cobb laid a wheel on the way out this morning that was heard throughout 5 Points.  Fazio confirmed that the Mercedes “has some serious muscle….”  We promptly conferenced in Au Pair to consult.  #MelbaToast


  • F3 Raleigh Leadership.  Page somebody if you want to help out with F3/Raleigh “back of the House” operations.  More hands the better.
  • F3 Raleigh Comms.  From the communications department, note the F3Raleigh twitter handle.  The kids tell me the term is “follow…” 
  • Paying Forward.  Donation of sporting goods–talk to Chong Li about donating clothing to a worthy group of our brothers in Charlotte.  He’s available over the interwebs or the tweets.