Warm Up:   Mock White Shoe’s Socks, 1/3 mile fun run, SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Windmills, Fazio Circles

Warm Up 2.0: Wildcats (5 X quick feet with random call of jump ups or sprawls; Ciabatta style–20 seconds on 10 seconds off).

The Fenceline Incident:

Balls to Wall with 5 presses; walk up and down from high plank hold X 4

Dan Jansens X 15; Egg Roll Squat Jumps X 10; People’s Chair with Pedal to the Metal X 10 (each leg); Line Hops Forth & Back; Line Hops Side to Side

Balls to Wall with 5 presses; walk up and down from high plank hold X 4

Dan Jansens, etc…(see above)

Balls to Wall with 5 presses; walk up and down from high plank hold X 4

Dan Jansens, etc. (see above)

Interlude:  EKG forward hops for about 18 yards; EKG forward hops for about 10 yards

Some combo of Balls to Wall with 5 presses, etc.

Interlude 2.0: Sidewinders for about 10 yards X 2 (broken up by 10 single leg burpees)

Some combo of Balls to Wall with 5 presses, etc.


15 Six Inch Flutters; 15 Cannonballs; 15 High Slow Flutters

15 Rosalitas; 15 Windshield Wipers; 15 alternating oblique crunches

15 WWII situps; 15 Hello Dollies; 15 Russian Hammers

Fast run back to launch pad


Margin Notes:

  • Prayers for our guys going through some stuff.  Especially, Grillz’s wife going in for surgery tomorrow.  We are with you brother.
  • Plebe mentioned a little girl who’s name we won’t forget who’s suffering right now.  We pray for her and her family.
  • Prayers also for our man Caddie, that he have strength to take the helm a bit for his Dad.
  • And, finally, our man Orwell, who’s an old hand at the hard row for caretakers.
  • The highway goes where it goes, but we will take it together.


  • F3 Raleigh Leadership Opportunities:  If you are interested in additional leadership opportunities with F3 Raleigh, there’s a decent amount of “back of the House” work to be done from time to time.  All hands welcome.  If you’re interested, get in touch with Howard or Money Hose or any particular site workout Q this week.  We’ll get you right.  
  • F3 Raleigh Tweeter Accounts: We are making a concerted push to use the Twitters to communicate amongst ourselves.  There’s an F3Raleigh twitter account that Chong Li set up.  No pressure, and believe me, I am reluctant.  I have a Bag Phone.  In any event, talk to somebody if you want to learn more about the way computers talk to each other over the telegraph wire.  #SamuelMorse
  • Big Ideas.  There are some strong to quite strong ideas about F3 Raleigh out there.  If you have one, talk to somebody.  It’s what we make it.  Just like Au Pair’s college course load, this thing is almost entirely self-directed independent study, so to speak.
  • Komen Race for the Cure:  Caddie is taking this by storm. Get with him if you want to help out.  June 8.
  • Caretakers Conference:  If you or anyone you know would benefit from a Caretakers Conference being held on June 8 at the McKimmon Center in Raleigh, talk to Orwell.  He’s on the case.  Fair point this morning about the quiet hardship of being a caretaker to loved ones with dementia and other problems of aging.  The Caretakers Conference sounds like pure goodness trying to help folks on the front lines.  Talk to Orwell.

0 Replies to ““TARP Violates Any Number of Parking Ordinances to Park in the Reflected Glory of the Stealth Truck.””

  • 1- Good to be back among the Pax, even at less than 100%.
    2- TARP’s parking was as unnecessary as it was illegal, which is to say, completely.
    3- Spring has sprung. For all those guys who’ve been giving you the heisman claiming “I’ll get out there when it’s warmer,” guess what? It’s warmer. #timetopaythepiper.
    4- Big Sproles is my hero.

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