The PAX of 12 gathered as the shovel flag was planted on a pleasant Monday morning in April….make sure the check is in the mail today.

The Thang:

Currituck Trot warm-up run


SSH x 25, Imperial Walkers x 20, Mountain Climbers x 20, Good Mornings x 20

“Quarterly payments”

Split into four groups in parking lot

Four stations in the corners (2 full rotations)

 1. Merkins x 20

 2. LBCs x 30

 3. Squats x 30

4. Burpees x 10

Lunge walk between stations (short side). Karaoke between stations (long side).

No “Withholding”

 To the rock pile. Partner up and pick a rock. Partner one circles the island while partner two does AMRAP curls (first round), tricep presses (second round) and overhead presses (third round). 

“Penalties and interest”

 To the base of Sisyphus. Merkins x 20, Wide Arms x 15, Diamonds x 5. To the top of Sisyphus.


Russian Hamers x 25, WW2 Sit Ups x 20, Rosalitas x 25, L&R Oblique x 25, Freddy Mercury x 40


Naken Moleskin:

-Strong Q by Lamp this morning, lead wire to wire for the first time and crushed it at the end for Mary. #hesnogregnorman

-Lots of options for June 8th: Susan Komen Race (see Caddie), Caretaker’s Conference (see Orwell) & Legend Race (

-Local Opportunities in the field and behind the scenes for F3 Raleigh, step up if you are feeling the call to lead as your serve.

-F3Raleigh is now up and running on Twitter. Sign up if not on already, or simply follow ours along with your #menhumor and #realgilbertgottfried

-The number of words in Atlas Shrugged is 645,000. The Bible has about 700,000 words. The number of words in the Federal Tax Code: 3,700,000.