Wise man say, “As long as you run uphill, you will never be over-the-hill”. Learn it, know it, live it. Whoa.  Off campus surprise party at Hi-Fidelity included slanted running surface and arm work with aim for constant 45 minutes of motion.  Up-hill strides, bridge sprints, planks and mericans make flabby man turn stone.  It ain’t no hill for a high-stepper!  Nice work today by the PAX!

The Thang

Jog to Greenway Trailhead – 25 SSH/10 Good Mornings/15 Mountain Climbers/10 King David Kicks

Run to Bottom of Greenway Hill to Bridge

3x – 10 Mericans/Strides to Bridge at Top of Hill/Plank & 10 Mericans/Recover(?) on jog back down

2x – Sprint across I-440 bridge/Plank & 10 mericans/Jog back across bridge

1x – Run to bottom of hill toward museum/Listen to really interesting story about My Boy Blue’s high school football coach’s “Mental Toughness” mantra while planking/10 mericans/Mental toughness stride up long hill to bridge

Recover(?) on run back to Martin

Short on time so 7 count +/- around the circle with 6″ Leg Lifts.  Hurt so good.


Close out with Prayer