Your humbled Q had a little free time last night and decided to look over several of The Forge’s Backblast. What I learned was the FNG friendly workout looked to be stepping it up a notch. So I decided to steal a workout from the Flood Zone a couple of weeks ago called 11’s. So I made a few mental notes and went to bed satisfied I would get the usual emotional high you get when you Q. I awoke early and drove to the Forge excited to Q. The first person I see is our own F3 celebrity, Howard. He proceeds to ask me will we be running? Any partner carries? He also says his knees are killing him after the RAM and he maybe getting too old for this. My F3 idol has just thrown my workout into a tailspin.

The Thang;

Enter Pullen and circle up.

20 windmills, 15 good mornings, 20 mountain climbers, 15 ski abs, 20 SSH

Recover on the jog to the road by the pool and line up for 11’s. Start with 1 merkin at the top and 10 squats at the bottom. At the finish of the first set we planked which gave me time to re-evaluate the situation and pull an Orwell. No partner carry set this time.

Recover on the jog to the Gazebo.

20 Left/Right step-up

20 Dips

15 Left/Right step-up

20 Irkins

10 Jump Ups OYO

10 Dirkins

Recover on the run to the tennis courts.

3 suicide runs


1 Lunge walk tennis courts


Recover on the run back to the starting point for Mary.

20 American Hammers

10 count circle for Superman

20 WW11 Sit-ups

30 LBC’s


-Strong work by all today. Its truly a honor to lead.

-April 10th. 2nd F opportunity at Ridge Wood Shopping center. See Epoxy on exact beer restaurant.

-Prayers for CeeLo’s buddies daughter who died in a car wreck over the weekend

-Prayers for Josh Brewer and family.

-3rd F tonight Tyler’s Tap Room.