…Explain the change the difference between what you want and what you need. There’s the key. Your adventure for today, what do you do between the horns of the day?

What does this great set of REM lyrics have to do with our True Grit workout this very fine morning? Absolutely nothing, except that seeing Wendell Gee got me in an REM mood. If you don’t get the correlation, Google “Wendell Gee”. You see, I’m a music hound. I seek out what satisfies me. Everything from Wes Montgomery(best jazz guitarist in history) to Muddy Waters to Uncle Tupelo to Doc Watson to Dylan to Radiohead to A Tribe Called Quest to “old” REM. Today just happened to organically take shape as an REM day. Now that I study these lyrics
a little, I do find some relevance with today. MacGruber asked me last-minute to co-Q this morning. I could’ve politely declined. But I asked myself, kind of like the song’s narrator, what IS my adventure for today? What WILL I do between the horns of the day? And I started with this…


SSH x 20
Jack Webb x 15 (mumble chatter increased exponentially when the number was given)

The Thang:

Jog up the sidewalk to the dam where we turned a triple play along the top. Bear crawl to 1st bench, alternating one-legged hops to second bench, gorilla walk to the end of the dam. Jog down to the soccer field and divide into 2 groups. 1st group stays put and does AMRAP of called exercise, 2nd group sprints to opposite goal and back. Flapjack.
2-star jumps
3-precision squats
4-Freddie Mercuries

MacGruber’s turn, so we headed over to the rock pile below the dam for some rock pain
Curls x 20
Shoulder press x 20
Tricep extension x 20
Squat x 20

With rock in tow, attack the hill and plank until all PAX assembled. Jog down to the soccer field with our granite-based friends for a game of toss. PAX lined up along the goal line, upright but on our knees. On MacGruber’s order we threw our rocks as far as we could, bear crawled to them, and planked. Repeato the length of the soccer field. Turn around and this time in a standing position we throw rocks using a kettlebell swing motion. Bear crawl to rock, plank. Repeato length of field.


Rock hammers x 20
Leg lifts w/ rocks held with arms extended above chest x 20

GoRuck. Sign up. I did.
USMC mud run. If going and want a spot in vehicle of choice, contact Adolphus ASAP. Bring change of clothes so you don’t end up suffocating your brethren on the ride home.
4/10, 2nd F at Ridgewood Wine & Beer. Tab will be paid by Costco, so come early and kill his wallet. Kidding of course, but details to be ironed out as we move forward.

Prayers for Dufresne. Ernie led us out with a fine prayer while Officer Hightower harmonized. Good stuff. Great work this morning guys. Final thought from the lyrics above. Something to ponder when you have a few to reflect: What is the difference between what you want and what you need? Aye!

And if any of you knuckleheads ever want to go see some live music, I’m always game.