Last week’s Vicious Circle provided an entertaining, challenging and punishing beatdown, so YHC rolled the dice again with similar festivities and a few minor tweaks on a balmy-for-November Monday gloom.

Twenty-four PAX, including FNGs Timber and Walt, jogged from Fetzer Field to the Navy Field football practice complex and circled up on the turf. After a quick warm-up of SSH, imperial walkers, air squats, arm circles, Carolina dry docks and merkins, we circled up amid various pairs of 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35-pound dumbells; a 50-pound barbell; two cement-filled pipes; one 35-pound kettlebell; and two football blocking dummies on loan from the Tar Heel football program that, in case you hadn’t heard, hammered arch-rival Duke 45-20 just four days earlier.

The bell cow PAX lined up on one sideline and bear-crawled 53 yards across the field, then sprinted back. During that 30 to 45 seconds, each PAX did an exercise ranging from pummeling the blocking dummies with left and right jabs to bicep curls to LBCs to merkins to tricep extensions to shoulder presses and flys and beyond. The PAX rotated clockwise around the circle, everyone taking his turn at the bear crawl station. We had just enough time for a quick round of Mary: LBCs, Russian Hammers and Freddy Mercuries (x15 each).