A week after Walkabout 1.0 four PAX gathered in the gloom to try to relive a little of the glory…. Temperatures in the 20’s only encourage you to work harder! ¬†Four strong and more to come as recovery still in the works for a few PAX.

The Thang:

Pick up one of the little pigs and a sandbag.

Move to the Globe.

Stop at first intersection

Merkins x 15

Air Squats x 20

Move with the coupons to next intersection

Merkins x 15

Move to DHL

Merkins x 10

Lungewalk across the street and back

Got distracted by BIG bad wolf in the woods.


Move to I-540 bridge

Irkins x 15

Move to start point and drop coupons.

COT – Held over until The Weekend Crick as all PAX doubled Down.

Summary: 1.5 Miles in 35 minutes, 35 merkins, 20 air squats, plus….