19 Pax gathered in the gloom behind Lady of Lourdes at the entrance to the greenway, the same location YHC stood a little over 4 months ago as a wide-eyed FNG.  Why not bring it back to where it all begin for my VQ?  With a shovelflag planted and no watch nor Weinke in hand, YHC gave a quick disclaimer and hoped his internal clock would keep everything on track.

Warm up:
SSH x 25
Imperial Walker x 15
Good Mornings x 15
Merkins x 15

The Thang…

Thoughts of that FNG July morning quickly came back as YHC led the Pax to the base of Overbrook as it was this location that the true meaning of #downpainment and #embracethesuck were first discovered.  We counted off into 2 groups for a Jacob’s Ladder:
Group 1 – Sprint up Overbrook, 1 burpee at top, return
Group 2 – Combination of AMRAP Merkins/Prisoner Squats until group 1 returns
Flapjack and continue until both groups reach 7 burpees

Two-line Indian run through the neighborhood toward Joyner Elem, which apparently included a drive-by by Members Only that YHC did not notice but was later pointed out by other PAX in the COT.  Lunge walk past the bus loop at school then high knee to the stop sign on the corner.  Continue jog to the back school parking lot.

Group 1 lines up across parking lot.  Bear crawl up the parking spots, using each line as a stop for merkins.  Start with 2 at first line and finish with 10 so essentially bear crawling the distance of 6 parking spots with a total of 30 merkins on the way.  Group 2 uses the bench area for dips.  Flapjack, then do a 2nd round of bear crawling with incline merkins at the bench area.  A 3rd round was in the plans, but a few of the pax pointed out the time (which YHC had completely lost track of) and we began to head back.

A run back down the greenway with stops along the way:
Balls to wall along the fence
LBC x 25
Sprint to the rocks
6-inch Leg Hold


It has been said many times before and usually acknowledged by most pax but speaking for YHC, never truly realized until finishing in the BOM Friday morning. It was an absolute honor to lead you men for the first time.  As said in the COT, can’t thank Flatline and Deliverance enough for putting me in the EH and welcoming me to the gloom.

Many announcements were made, too many to count – a few of the highlights:
– Thanksgiving Convergence – Dawn Patrol @ 0700
– Black Friday – Flood Zone moves to Laurel Hills @ 0630, Late Night operates as normal
– Dec 4 – 2ndF – Free Bowling at the Alley courtesy of Gutterball 7-9p (Sign Up HERE)

Thanks to Floppy Disk for taking us out.