It was a tad bit chilly on Saturday morning – mercury reading around 26 degrees – for the latest version of Catalyst with 16 PAX.  Our friend Costco suggested that YHC had something better than stairbarrows planned but there is nothing better than stairbarrows.  And here’s how it went:

50 single count merkins
Imperial Walker x 25
Mountain Climbers x 25
Side straddle hop x 30
Fazio Arm Circles x 15 each direction

Head down to track and form two lines of eight each – two line Indian Run around track twice for 1/2 mile total run.

Partner up at bottom of stairs that lead from parking lot down to track.
Stairbarrow up stairs with 10 wheelbarrow merkins at top.  Run around access ramp back to bottom of stairs and flapjack.  Three rotations each finishing at top of stairs.

Run to end of parking lot – LBCs x 50

Indian Run down street towards Harris Teeter stopping at open field for Nippler Merkins x 25.

Run to parking deck near Chueys.  Partner up again.  Wheelbarrow up first ramp with each partner doing 15 plank merkins at top.  (This is where one partner holds plank and second partner puts feet up on first partner and does decline merkins).  Flapjack for second ramp with 15 plank merkins for each person again.

Partner carry up next two levels with 15 wheelbarrow curls at end.  Flapjack for next two levels up.

Bearcrawl up next ramp.

One more ramp to go to get to the top – crab walk.

Run back down to bottom of ramp.  A little plank-o-rama at bottom.

Run to fountain near World of Bear – 25 four count dips.

Run back to open field – Freddie Mercury x 50

Run to field behind First Citizen Bank – American Hammer x 40

Single count merkin x 50

WWII situps at 25.

Announcements included standard stuff such as convergence on T-giving at Dawn Patrol.

Prayer Requests were received although I can’t recall them all.

Mayhem took us out with grace and class.

I think that’s all we did.  Thanks for Rain Man and Friar Tuck for allowing me to Q.  Thanks to the PAX for posting.