Blindside and Shooter had the honors on a pristine Monday morning at Fetzer Field on the UNC campus, with Blindside leading a Heavy Metal session and Shooter escorting his group through the woods to Kenan Stadium and the adjacent Bell Tower Parking Deck.
The Thang with Blindside:
Three- man circuit for 35 minutes continuous:
1st man up holds weight ranging in 45 – 30 lbs (depending on what coupon you were lucky enough to be provided) above his head.
2nd and 3rd partner knock out 10 merkins. 2nd partner after completing 10 reps, replaces 1st partner with overhead weight carry, 1st and 3rd partner knock out 10 merkins. When 2nd partner is done 3rd partner takes weight and 1st and 2nd partner knockout 10 merkins. This round went on for 10 minutes continuous.
Same rotation movement except exercise while not holding weight was now 10 air squats for 10 minutes.
Same rotation after that except exercise is now 3 burpees and rotate for 10 minutes.
After 35 minutes circuit was done, Pax completed 2 reps of 50 yd lunge walk followed by 2 reps of partner wheelbarrows.
The Thang with Shooter:
Run the track, through the woods to the North gate of Kenan. With feet on the lower side of the slope, do 10 four-count merkins, making sure to touch the ground with your nose at the bottom. Then 10 WWII sit-ups facing uphill, then turn over to do 10 four-count derkins.
Run to West side of Kenan Stadium for three sets of 15x dips around stone wall outside entrance to Kenan Football Center, with two sets of 15x step-ups each side in between.
Mosey to the hand rails along the sidewalk between the stadium and parking deck for three sets 12x each of inverted rows.
The group convenes on ground level of parking deck in a circle, doing SSH as one PAX takes off up seven-flight stairwell. When he reaches one level up, he yells for next to come. PAX at top continue SSH and various core sets while rest of PAX completes stairwell run (better in concept than execution).
At top we knock out Usain Bolts with each individual sprinting the slope to the far wall and then back up again while the rest of the groups does merkins, burpees, triple-merkin burpees, LBCs, squats, among them.
Then run back to Fetzer to join rest of group for quick Mary—LBCs, long slow flutters and bows-to-toes plank holds.