YHC was thrilled to have the gloom open for some quality time with the PAX, with moving and the M working more shifts its been tough to make it out as much as I would like! Set the alarm a little earlier for the drive from Benson to Lake Benson 31 min so nobody else should have an excuse! Great to see PNG, Labrat, and Laker pull in for the beat down planned.  Stove Pipe self Q for #Gettingtherucks and we were off!

Warm up

Jogging high knees, Jogging butt kickers, Soilder Kicks, Carioca left and right.

Indian Run from Faith to Timber and run down and up death valley as a PAX, great push by all the guys and sprint to the front!

2 rounds of Timber Mt Lunge walk and frog jump back while waiting on the light to change.

Scout run down Timber to the Bridge and to 2nd turnaround.

1 round of Wimpie Legs: 20 Squat jumps, 20 Jumping Lunges, 20 Mule kicks without rest and on the call up with PAX count.

Scout run back to Aversboro Rd

Apache run (front to back behind as far as they want and sprint back to catch up with the PAX) until the Jailbreak call to the flag.

Total 4.1 miles and great push by all the guys who have all accepted the challenge of pushing while supporting each other.

Best workout/running buddy is somebody who can make you work hard while still being willing to slow down on your off days.

BOM: Labrat: Family  Stretch: Grandma’s chemo treatments and increased falls.  Laker: Prayer for M’s mother? (should have written these all down this AM) PNG: family drama and trip to Greensboro.

Announcements: Sasquach coming this summer, 5:30 change of start time for M and F workouts.

Stretch Out