PAX of 26 gathered in North Hills as we closed out the first half of 2017 with a BRR friendly set as that crew realizes it’s a mere 9 weeks away. YHC assumed there’s a good many headed out of town so there was quite a crowd today. This set called for a 4 man format to keep moving and stay together.

The Thang:

Warm-Up: SSH x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15 (proper cadence, apparently an item of interest now)

4 Man Indian Run to the bottom of Sisyphus then hill repeats till time called (3 trips for most)

4 Man Indian Run to North Hills Drive via Greenway. Hill repeats to Northbrook running backwards up until time is called (2-3 trips)

4 Man Indian Run to front lot of North Hills Park, parking lot repeats for 4 minutes #tomatosighting

4 Man Indian Run back to the start

2-3 stretching exercises

COT with prayer by Blue Crush

Naked Moleskin:

-Well that worked out well compared to the plan. Apple products reported 6.25 miles with 1100 feet of elevation change, qualifies as a BRR hard leg IMHO. Lots of solid digging in for the final climb, notable performers were Fry Daddy, Wendell Gee, Michelob & Old Maid (#hatehate category not eligible for recognition)……..YHC struggled mightily. Aye!

-Welcome back to the states 1099, Q’d General Assembly yesterday and ran with the horses today, his trip also helped Horsehair’s recent recognition qualify as international news. #perspective

-Happy Meal posted again as another newbie quickly becomes regular, T-claps to E-Trade for the EH. F3 Carpex was represented by Michelob & Old Maid, great to see them both.

-Had planned for a set of 11s in the NH’s Park Parking Lot with Monkey Humpers & Homer to Marge, but there were a few #tomatoes working out so it was scrapped. j/k #discretion

-Go Go went missing for a few minutes, apparently he mistook a couple of out of towners on the trail as PAX members. Who was in his group again? #nomanleftbehind

-4th of July Convergence is at 7am, Pullen Park. Pre-run 5k at 6:20. EH a FNG or a Kotter.

-3 years of Blue Crush celebrated at Whiplash tomorrow, 5:30 start for 90 minutes

-Prayers for Fava Bean’s 2.0, good to hear they’re all back home now. Continued prayers for the Flanagan family in Lexington SC & the driver of the car. Safe travels to and from for the holiday weekend.

-Q School appears to be in the works, Chong Li & Popeye to Q it. Contact them with interest, some PAX will receive a special invite I[‘m sure. “Starting position, move!” #cadence

Thank you to those who posted, being with this group gave me a big lift. This is likely my last BackBlast with website changes coming, man I love F3. Aye!