SSH x25
Imperial Walkers x25
Mountain Climbers x25
Windmill x20
Good morning x10

The Thang
Mosey to curb overlooking scenic Crabtree Creek
Quick Feet x 25

Preview of things to come: 3 triple-hand-release burpees, OYO

Mosey in the direction of 440, circle up for
Prisoner squats x20

Mosey to the base of hill leading up to apartments for main event:
1) Backward run up hill, stopping at each telephone pole for 3 triple-hand-release burpees, back down hill
2) Indian bearcrawl up hill (pax bearcrawl in line, back person runs to front), back down hill
3) Indian plank up hill (pax plank, back person runs to front), run up to apartment-complex driveway

Break for some LBCs and Freddie Mercurys
Partner carry up to intersection with Blue Ridge, flapjack, back to driveway

Jog to top of other apt complex driveway hill
prisoner squat x20

Jog to bottom of hill
Jog to top of hill, at each light pole, 3 triple-hand-release burpees, all the way to the top

Jog to other side of apartment complex, then back to parking deck, stopping once for some random exercises
Cirle up for more LBC
Six-inch leg hold x20
Rosalita x15

Run back to start, with self-defined “slow” runners getting a 5-second head start (worked out pretty well)

And that was it, bada-bing, bada-boom!

Announcements: convergence Independence Day, 7am Pullen, Shaggy is Q, non-running option available courtesy of Cut Me Mick and other(s)

Prayer Requests: John, rudderless and disconnected after Pancreatic cancer diagnosis

Orwell prayed us out (thanks, Orwell!)