14 Pax in the drizzly gloom for some anticipatory BRR training. 

The Start


Good Mornings


Arm Circles and reverse

Mountain Climbers

Slow Mekins

The Main Event

Jog to the top of Market Street and did three rounds the following:

Find a partner

Partner A Ran down the hill on Brookgreen Drive, around the hill on Copperline Dr, and up the hill on Greenview Drive. Total run ¼ mile.


Partner B did deconstructed burpees: 10 squats, 10 leg thrusts, 10 merkins on repeat until partner A returned

Next we hit the parking lot. The pax divided into three teams and completed two rounds of

Team 1: 15 drydocks

Team 2: 10 Bulgarian split squats on each leg

Team 3: Bear crawl the width of the parking log

Recovery jog around the Oval – ¼ mile


25 LBCs

15 Rosalitas

12 Long Slow Flutter

20 LBCs

Welcome Lo pairs older brother FNG Ito, and the unemployed poker player now dubbed FNG Money Maker