There was a warm mist coming down at Kenny’s Grave this morning. 1 brave PAX rolled in with a minute to spare. The last couple of Q’s that YHC has had at Kenny’s Grave have had ‘obstacle course’ training in mind. This week…things would be the same.


3 lap run around the track (a little over ½ mile)

SSH (x25)

Imperial Walkers (x20)

Mountain Climbers (x15)


‘Up and Over’

1 PAX chill-cut plank and other jumps over x15

Both sprint to the end of the parking lot – Jumping PAX Cinder Block Bicep Curles x15 – CC Plank PAX Curb Irkins x15

Both sprint back and switch

Repeat 6 times (3 complete rounds)

Dragon, Crab, Bear, Sprint around parking lot

Repeat x3

2 lap run around the track ( a little under ½ mile)


Flying V (x10 – hold for 4 count)

Flappy Bird (x20)

Flying V (x10 – hold for 4 count)

Flappy Bird (x20)


Proud of Tardy and his commitment in completing almost a year with F3. His transformation has been remarkable and the spirit of F3 definitely has made its way into his everyday life. Keep it up brother!


Prayers: YHC’s M and family moving forward and for Tardy and his M during their Spartan Race this weekend. Also, all of our F3 brothers competing this weekend!