With a little mist in the air and some ominous clouds overhead, 11 battle hardened Pax gathered this morning in the gloom to give it a go at Lourdes. With no FNGs in sight, we went right at it.


Warm Up:

10 x SSH

10 x Good Mornings

10 x Mtn Climbers

10 x Merkins

Various Plank Holds



1.25 mile run – as fast as you can go. 20 merkins and 50 LBCs while everyone finishes up. Vector Victor won the race – nice work.


Partner-barrow up the stairs to the wall on the upper walkway.

2 sets of:

20 x irkins

15 x partner-plank derkins

20 x dips


Run to the big hill beside school.

11’s – LBC’s at the top, burpees at the bottom. YHC will pick a shorter hill next time. Ouch. Audible called about halfway through.


Run into the parking deck.

Various plank holds and a few merkins.

Bear crawl and lunge walk suicides at each post.

Partner 1 – balls to the wall; Partner 2 – normal suicides at each post. Flapjack and repeato.



20 x flutter

20 x Homer & Marge


Great work by the Pax today. Saw lots of guys gutting it out.  Announcements: Flag Football and F3 Dads coming up – checkout website to sign up.  Prayer Requests: Peach Pit’s dad’s upcoming heart surgery.  Privileged to lead you guys this morning.