Just before 0545, 12 PAX circled up in the Thomas Brooks parking lot, anxious for the unveil of the new shovel flag feverishly worked on over the weekend by Ma Bell. They were not disappointed as the new shovel flag glimmered in Wolfpack red and white. Hey, he who maketh the flag, can painteth it any damn color he wanteth! Plant the flag and let’s go – to the corner of the parking lot.

Paint the lines halfway up the parking lot, then grab some curb for some sideways bear crawls most of the rest of the way. It was at this point, the #mumblechatter started, something about not warming up. Relax, Nancy. You’ll be plenty warm. When YHC got tired of those, we jogged across the parking lot to the baseball and circled up for:

20 x Merkins OYO
15 x Windmills in cadence
15 x Squats in cadence
15 x Forward Sir Fazio Arm Cirles
15 x Reverse Sir Fazio Arm Circles
15 x Mount Climbers
Hold it for some Plankormama

Pair up. Speed mattes, size does not. From each pair, one will run in one direction, the other in the opposite direction around the track encircling the baseball fields and meet up at the other baseball where they will do 10 handshake merkins, then run back to the original baseball and squat hold until the entire PAX is back. 5 count around the circle while holding the squat, recover.
Repeat except run in the opposite direction you ran the first trip around and do 10 squerkins on the other side. When you get back, squat hold until all PAX return, then 5 count around the circle. Much to Cee-Lo’s and Billy’s delight, thus ended the running portion of the workout.

20 more merkins OYO before we depart the baseball. Jog down to the shelter and grab a bench for:

15 x Dips
15 x Derkins
12 x Dips
12 x Derkins
16 x alternating L/R Step-Ups
9 x Dips
9 x Derkins

Let’s hit the basketball courts, shall we? Once there, we circled up for some SheHateMe (10 x Lunges, 10 x Burps, 10 x Knerkins) OYO. Plank it out when you’re done. That was fun, do it again! I think the PAX hated Ma Bell by this point.

On your six for some Mary:
15 x box cutters
15 x low slow flutters
20 x WWII situps
15 x Freddy Mercuries
15 x LBCs

Line up on the end line for a murder suicide consisting of 6 monkey humpers at each turnaround, for a total of 36. We’re done boys, whew!

Name-o-rama – welcome back Loom. He has the F3 bug.
Announcements – Need Qs at all Cary workouts. Sign up! BRR informational session tonight
Prayer Requests – Franklin’s niece Rosy is suffering from pneuomonia and is in the hospital

BOM – Ma Bell took us out in prayer

It was my honor to lead a group of dedicated men in the gloom. In the rain. After the national championship game. Great work!