Jog from upper lot down to field

SSH x 20

Arm circles x 10

Reverse x 10

Good morning x 10

WMW x 10

Mountain climbers x 10

Merkins x 10


The guys were then introduced to The Dirty MacDeuce.  It was 12 reps of 12 exercises broken up by a lap around the track after three exercises.

Set 1 – merkins, jump squats, jump lunges

Lap around the track

Set 2 – Parker peter, mountain climbers, air squat

Lap around the track

Set 3 – SSH, jump lunges, merkins

Lap around the track

Set 4 – burpees, peter parkers, merkins

Lap around the track


We then set out to the benches for dips, twelve reps of course.


Usain Bolts – one PAX would sprint to the sideline and call an exercise for the others to do x 9


We then went back to the benches for more dips x 12



Lbc, Russian hammers, freddy mercurys, planks