With Myrtle, Tarp, Munson, and Fungo in the house, there was much mumblechatter, very little of which actually involved YHC (shocking, but true)….well, none other than celebrating the beer YHC won from Tarp b/c of the Heels domination of his beloved Pirates.  As hard as you may find it (TWSS), I was told we set a “that’s what she said” record today….53 or so?  That count is about a reliable as the #myrtlemeter.

Disclaimer given and the standard “circle up” (YHC failed to realize they were already circled up so I just jumped in the middle).  Warm-up: 15 SSH, 10 good mornings, and 15 mountain climbers.  Short warm-up as we’ve got work to do!

Jog to area behind pavilion to grab a sand bag.  Continue to flat lot beside tennis courts for:  curls x 10, tricep extensions to 10, and 11’s (merkin / overhead press with bag combo).  Debate ensued over whether this was 11s or jack webbs.  Agree, 11’s!  Drop bags where you are.  Idea of workout was for constant movement, cardio, uptempo….hopefully we succeeded.

Count off in 3’s for three 4-minute stations of 1) 3 rope ladders and cones – move through cones and ladders in different ways for 4 minutes with only instruction being to vary rope methods (icky, ski, hop scotch, etc.) and bear crawl between cones in between ladders 1 and 2 ;  2)  4 cones along road for burpee suicides…1 burpee at each cone;  3) station 3 was M-runs on the tennis courts following whatever the leader of your group did.  I expected the leader of the thinking man’s workout (Fungo) to understand what an M run was, but I was mistaken / disappointed.

After each group hit each station, find a curb for Quick feet x 25.  Back to sand bags for more curls (gotta tailor the workout to the fav of the site Q). #gunshow

Return to stations for another run through each station, this time for 3 minutes / per.

Back to sand bags for 6’s….like 11’s but short on time.  Finish off sand bags with more curls….you’re welcome Tarp.  Return sand bags.

Mary: LBC x 15, flutter x 15, Michael Jacksons (I mean Freddie Mercury) x 12.   Where are Sheneneh and the boys anyway?

COT: Arena Fri at 2:30.  Get there and then come to Ridgewood.  I’ll be holding tables.

-Christmas Party 12/22 at Tyler’s; bring unwrapped / new gifts to Ron Burgundy or Maize or anyone more important than YHC.

-Countrywide took us out in fine fashion with no mention of  prays for a sports team as has become customary at ZH….Arrggghhh.

PS: Myrtle is a bitch