I am convinced that either the evil one whispers lies into my ear the night before I Q or my own sin (pride and fear of man) eats me alive. Why? I normally sleep very well (7 solid hours), my son normally sleeps very well (12 solid hours) and I don’t have a problem shutting off my brain. However, the night before I Q, I cannot fall asleep, then when I do, I am up every couple of hours, I have dreams about screwing up the workout, my son randomly wakes up screaming and I constantly question whether I have what it takes (physically and mentally) to lead a group of men in a workout. This week was no different. Regardless, I have NEVER regretted Q-ing. The lack of sleep and the mental battle that wages the night before is worth the rewards that result from leading a group of men on a windy Monday morning in December.

Mountain Climbers X30
Imperial Walkers X30

The Thang:
Mosey to soccer field; Butt Kickers, High Knees, Karaoke both ways, backwards run, mosey to top of hill.

Circle up and tackle a modified Jack Webb with 4 Lunges (2 per leg) for every 1 Burpee. Increase Burpees by 1 and Lunges by 4 until we reach 10 Burpees and 40 Lunges.

Mosey to my truck and pick up 2 bricks.

Run with bricks to the wall.
People’s Chair, bricks straight down X30
People’s Chair, curl bricks X30
People’s Chair, bricks above head X30
People’s Chair, bricks straight out until you can’t hold it any longer. YHC was out first. Argghhhh… It came down to Gopher and Scrolls with Scrolls holding out until the end. YHC noticed some odd counting techniques (Looney and Fabio????).

Run with bricks back down the hill

Repeat Modified Jack Webb starting with 10 Burpees and 40 Lunges and ending with 1 Burpee and 4 Lunges. 3 of the PAX had to do the Snuffy Shuffle about ½ way through.

Run with bricks to the shovel flag. It was at this point that I noticed Gopher at the front of the pack. YHC commented, “you went off and got strong”.

American Hammers X30
Flutter Kicks X30
Planks, right arm up/right leg up, regular, chill cut, regular, left arm up/left leg up, regular, done.


YHC shared a quote from Mark Batterson (pastor in DC).  See the attached picture. Mini Me shared this encouragement with me about a year ago and I have been trying to live up to it.

Announcements: Christmas party on 12/22. Bring unwrapped toy to any workout before 12/11.

Prayer Requests: Low Pair and Chili dog-Cancer, Green Eggs’ parents and their health.
YHC closed us in prayer.

Moleskin: Great effort by all of the PAX. We completed 110 Burpees and 220 Lunges per leg. It was great to see Gopher back at Agoge. He has been working out with the Chapel HIll crew and as mentioned before, he went off and got strong! It was also good to see SIngle-wide from Raleigh. Thanks for helping tighten up the group during the second set of Modified Jack Webbs. Strong performance from Scrolls on the wall today. It’s time for you to Q.