YHC had been traveling the first part of the week and was unable to deliver the much needed smack talk coming off the Beat Down the Wolfpack delivered to the Tarheels so that was sure to be a part of the agenda.  With the Kick Off of Garner’s first F3 site bringing the pain like the Pack was needed.  So 10 Pax set off for the first official G&P Work out!

The Thang…

SSH X 35, Merkins X 7, Mountain Climbers X 35, Merkins X 7 – See what I did there?

Durkins and Irkins- 15s, 15s, 10s

Jog up to the field- Bear Crawls, Lunges and Sprints

3 sets of Balls to the Bus Inverted Mountain Climbers(X20) and Peoples Chair(2 mins each)

Back to the Playground for 2 X Dips and Merkins X 20

Hallelujahs- 3 counts but we did X 10, 20, and 30s

Mary- Protractor, Rosalitas, Merkins

COT- We welcomed Adam Murray(Fur Coat) and David Stanley(Huffy) into the South Wake Family!  Hope you guys make it back out soon!  I can’t believe 1 year has gone by so quickly!  It seems like yesterday this Sad Clown was fighting back Nemo’s emotional head lock.  F3 has made such an impact on my life I can’t begin to thank all of you who have pushed me.  Howard you’re truly an inspiration.  I’m sure I’d have found every excuse not to do this if it hadn’t been for you!  To my South Wake Bothers I’m so proud to be one of you and how far we’ve all come in a year or less.  I’m excited to see what year 2 has in store for us and am so privileged to participate and on occasion lead such a great group of guys!  Floppy Disc closed us out with a mighty prayer as we lifted up Cindy and Howard after her surgery.  See you in the gloom and Go Pack!!