Another opportunity for a Q on the fly. Sickness and injuries are plaguing South Wake County workouts as the PAX keep getting sidelined. Five stalwart souls, some of them sniffling through the workout, entered the gloom. The wind was blowing, making the wind chill a real factor. Pregame stretching took place behind New Mexico’s billboard sized SUV. When we didn’t have the expected Q, YHC stepped up to lead. The FNG heard the “don’t blame us if you get hurt” participation waiver, and off we went.

We started off with a yog around the soccer field, and back under the parking lot lights.
Side Straddle Hops x 25
Imperial Walkers x 20
Mountain Climbers x 20
Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 10 x 10

Mosey over to the playground for a station break.
Pull ups
Swing set decline merkins
Star Jumps
A timer runs around the circle in the parking lot.

Stroll over to the upper soccer field to enjoy the full breeze and a round of the starfish
Bear crawl to a cone and perform the designated exercise, run back to center, perform 10 side straddle hops, and move to next cone.
5 Burpees
10 Star Jumps
15 Merkins
20 Squats
25 LBCs

Plank until all are done and finish up with Plank Shoulder Touches x 15

Find some ground for Mary
Rosalita’s x 10
Dolly’s x 10
Rosa-Dolly’s x 15
Freddy Mercury’s x 25


Good group. Solid showing by our FNG 63 y/o Dark Helmet, another transplant from NY state and die hard Syracuse fan. Perhaps New Mexico was so glad to have his new neighbor with us because of how well Syracuse did against NC State. Roll the video:
Prayers offered up for all the sick and the fartsacking.