The morning gave us a head fake leading the 14 brave PAX to believe it would be a rainy morning.  None to speak of so we pressed on with only the wet ground as our enemy.  5:45 kick off at the Greenway for a short warmup.  side to side jumps, front to back jumps and alt jumps x 20.  SSHx20.  Off down the Greenway and into the gloom.

The Thang:

quick run tot he first bridge and lunged across, plank at end with a low plank hold (LPH) to finish.  next bridge – bear crawl with plank, variety of arm and leg raises and then LPH.

down to the parking lot.  standard suicide to the rock pile where everyone proceeded to grab a pal for the duration of the workout.  choose wisely was the standard advice to those seasoned veterans (Crotch Rocket).  circle up for a series of squats, curls, triceps, chest raises x 20 or so.  then move through curl, extend rock in front for 5 seconds then tricep curl (run through that a few times).  before moving forward the option was given to switch out for a new pal.  some PAX made the wise decision to de-friend.

on the line.  keep you pal close…parking lot suicide.  10 diamonds on your pal, back to 5 burpees, 10 standard merkins, back to 5 burpees, 15 wide merkins.  plank until all done, LPH scattered in.

circle up for mid point merry.  American hammers (25),  rosalitas (20), WWII (20), extend rock above head and bring to chest then press and repeat (20).

7 PAX left on a full parking lot run (burpees at end), those left behind rotated through curls, chest presses and triceps.  switch…next round had star jumps at end of run (rock in hand).  switch groups.  (Fingers started to freeze over at this point, the comment was made that one of the PAX got the “cold rock”.

LBC pyramid (up to 20), 10 squats then into squat pyramid (15).

online for last full lot suicide. 5,10,15 burpees at the turns.  send the pals back to whence they came.  Run home with a Q-Tip sprint at the bench.

(there were a handful more exercises in there, but have slipped my mind)


announcements:  Christmas Party (Tyler’s Taproom) December 22nd.  Munson that Wolf Run and ???? are the only two workouts on the christmas holiday.

Box Jump with the circle up and prayer.