Saturday, April 5, 2014……that was YHC’s first trip into the Gloom.  It was a Saturday post at Pullen.  When I was contemplating my 2-year anniversary Q choices and noted April 5th fell on a Tuesday, the decision to Q The Forge (although not my regular AO) was a no-brainer.

Singlewide and YHC were early arrivers this morning.  Although I would not classify it as EC, a few laps around the lake were made prior to other pax arriving.

With the pax gathered, 0545 was upon us.  No FNGs, but disclaimer given nonetheless.  Pax were also notified of YHC’s 2yr anny.  Formalities out of the way, the following ensued……

Took a lap around the lake before we circled up on the grass near the entrance for warm-ups.


  • SSH – 100x

Pax were treated to a little factoid action post SSH.  YHC had heard about F3 via MacGruber as he had been talking it up amongst work colleagues.  Having decided to give F3 a try, MacGruber was there for YHC’s first post at Pullen.  But MacGruber being MacGruber, there was no mention of “hey, you might want to bring gloves” or “the Q this Sat. is not exactly FNG friendly” (not that I knew what a Q or FNG was at the time).  Anyways, the Q was Chong Li….tough way to get indoctrinated into F3Nation.  That said, I heard from other co-workers that F3 workouts were pretty intense so I tried to prepare myself mentally for a tough workout. Chong Li started the workout that day with the SSH.  As I quickly learned the SSH is the artist formerly known as Jumping Jacks, I briefly had the delusion that maybe the workout would not be so bad…….but I didn’t know we were going 100x (that’s 200 if you’re scoring at home).  I was hunched over, hands-on-knees somewhere around 30.  That’s about all I remember from that first post, rest was a blur.  As such, the decision to start the 2yr anny Q with 100x SSH was also a no-brainer.  Moving on……

  • Good Mornings – 15x
  • Mtn. Climbers – 25x
  • Imperial Walkers – 15x
  • Windmill – 15x
  • Plank-jacks – 25x
  • Sir Fazio Arm Circles – 30x both ways, 10-count hold in between
  • Nippler – 15x

Mosey over to the area near the base of the stairs & partner-up. Partner 1 did exercises while Partner 2 ran to first bridge and back, flapjack & repeato until the following was done (plank when done):

  • Merkins – 150x
  • WWIIs – 150x

Mosey over to the mini-wall to the left of the stairs.

4 Rounds each of the following:

  • Rocky Balboas – 25x
  • The Dip – 15x
  • Squat – 15x
  • Irkins – 15x

Side-note on the squats, YHC made the bone-headed mistake of instructing the pax to make sure they went slow on the squats and got a deep bend, get parallel to ground.  Pax being pax, the slow & deep comment took the mumble chatter south in a hurry.

Mosey over to the stone circle for Mary:

  • LBCs – 30x
  • 6-inch leg hold – 15x
  • Homer-to-Marge – 20x



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Singlewide took us out

It was an honor to lead, thanks men.