7 PAX gathered for Two Rock Shakur and Musical Chair Without the Music.

Warmup:  20 SSH, 10 GM, 20 Wind Mills, 20 IWs. Stretches

Two Rock Shakur-  Each Pax picked two rocks: 20 each of wide, regular, and cross curls, Irkins close and wide, Arnolds, alternating shoulder press, tricep extension and bentover rows, tricep presses on our backs, steps up, swing kicks, dips

Playground: Rinse and repeat stations of swing set abs crunches, pull-ups and low bar lat pull ups (lack of a better term).

Mary- Around the horn 10 each of box cutters, american hammers, FMs, Burpess, Pickle Pounders

Announcements- June Fun Day in the Park, Memorial Day convergence, Shredder’s new AO Sheep Dog, Continue to reach out to those PAX we haven’t seen in a while

Prayers- Double D’s nephew.