Being that Baby Fudd is coming tomorrow, YHC figures Fudd will have some fart sacks (aka poop diapers) in his future. I wanted to give him a proper workout in case he couldn’t post for a few days. PAX of 13 showed up…several late… note the 0545 start time. No FNGs.

Warm up
Run to the top of Sisyphus
Windmill x 10, Sir Fazio arm cirlces R and L x 15

Run to the bottom of Sisyphus

The Thang
Partner up… strength matters. Each team grab a rock.

Partner chase up Sisyphus.
Partner 1 runs up hill with rock
Partner 2 does burpees x 5 then chases and tags partner 1.

Off to a good start….

At the top, partner exercises to 100.

Partner 1 exercise, Partner 2 runs loop… tag team until gets to 100.

Exercises were:
-Overhead Press
-Goblet Squat
-Tricep extensions

Run back down hill and return rock. Plank it out while PAX arrives.

Plank walk to the Right x 10
Swiss merkins x 10
Plank walk to the left x 10
Nipplers x 10

Run back up Sisyphus stopping just before first turn and half way for Hammers x 20 at each.

To the picnic tables:

11s – box jumps and burpees – definite crowd pleaser

Head back to start for Mary

WWII situps x 15
WWII V-ups x 10
6″ leg hold x 5 around the circle…. Done

Linda prayed us out nicely. Lots to pray for! Thank you, sir.

Announcements – Flag football…F3 Dads… all coming soon. Check the website and sign-up

PrayersDeliverance. Baby Fudd coming tomorrow. Flatline’s two friends – one having surgery and one recently lost his job.

-Great work by everyone today. Pretty much sucked from beginning to end.
-Over/under on Fudd‘s return is Thursday. We’ll see.
Linda and Fudd shared some stories at the beginning about the joys of poop diapers. Can’t even imagine being there today… Good luck, fellas.
Flatline has the best squat hold in F3 Nation… and i’m still not sure if he was wearing a shirt this morning or not.

Always a pleasure.