13 pax (me thinks) shook off the fartsack, manned up, and posted in the gloom at Devil’s Ridge.  Doogie, fresh off his triumphant return to TBL on Saturday, posted in the gloom for the second time in three da….wait…no Doogie??

Apparently even Doogie is not immune to the fartsack…

Also, 4 pax did over a thousand pullups.  I don’t know if you heard us counting…

Anyway, VSF firmly planted in the Duke soil…and we’re off!

The Thang:

Arm circles

Mosey to the law school
Derkins x 30, curb tappers x 30, box jumps x 30
Repeato x 25, 20, 15, 10, and then 5

Light jog down to the back of the law school
Peoples’ chair with some right leg/left leg up plus air press.  So much fun.
BTTW x something

Travel on up to the B-school pullup bar (does anyone else use this?)
Pullups x 10, rest of pax alternate 10 merkins/10 air squats

Light jog down to the back of the law school
Wind sprints x 100 yards x 6 (or was it 4?  Pretty sure it was 6, but may have blacked out in there)

Mosey on back for some Mary
Russian hammers
Hello Dolly
Box cutters
Freddy Mercury


– Another great start to the week
– Check out the many and varied extra credit options in Churham.  Pullups every Monday morning!
– See you in a few months, Doogie!