SF planted. 5 “not so much frozen as the day before” PAX showed up to howl with the wolves. 13 degrees yesterday verses the 27 today, one would think that we’d gone through a heat wave. Good luck with the 19 tomorrow. Just in case the temperature on YHC’s GPS was incorrect, we decided a little run would keep the cold at bay. Improperly disclaimed as the PAX were, we were off.

The Thang:

  • Warm up…yeah right
  • Run down Oval dr, cross Centennial, take a left and then right into the Wilderness. YHC should have turned right for a few yards and then left. (Classic Lightning McQueen. At least it wasn’t a Frozen reference)
  • Survey the site for the Future Catholic Cathedral even though there was not an engineer among the PAX. It appears T-Square has gone MIA as of late. Course adjusted.
  • Cross Western and onto campus, trekking toward the Court of Carolinas for our displaced HiFidelity workout this fine am. Per the map above, you the reader might be able to discern the unofficially sanctioned 300 meter track. Group 1 runs up the hill, round the upper portion of the Court and back, while group 2 does 25 reps of a called exercise then flapjack x 4. 25 merkins, 25 dips, 25 boxcutters, 25 monkey humpers (100 total reps equalling the total number of trees originally planted in the Court of Carolinas. 1 for each county of NC)
  • Run parallel to Hillsborough st and into the Brick Yard. Find stairs behind Harrelson Hall. Run up and down 7 times.
  • Down through the free expression tunnel, and work our way back to Centennial Campus.

Mary – no time fo’ dat


  • Prayer request for Lamp’s friend Meredith battling breast cancer.
  • Plebe took us out.


  • Wanted to stretch out the miles a little this am. Per the GPS – 4.38. Nice work gents.
  • Shout out to Enron for inspiration from Tuesday’s edition of Hi Fidelity. For YHC, the heart rate monitor pegged the highest during the mini track COP.
  • It seems that when Monkey Humpers are called at the Wolf Run, some poor innocent soul comes into the AO. Today was no different. That was a card that YHC unintentionally played, yet the timing was impeccable. Thanks to Swirly for the inspiration a couple of months back.
  • Being a backpacking enthusiast, YHC loves to plan his routes. Sometimes to a fault. Today was no different. In missing the trail this am, the PAX ventured into the Wilderness a little. However, there is one image of that experience, that has stuck with YHC until the writing of this backblast. The giant white cross glowing in the moonlight that the Catholic Diocese planted, marking the place of the new Cathedral, overwhelmed the gloom at that moment. Isaiah 55:8  “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord. No matter what valleys or wrong turns that our lives take, He is in control. In those moments of being lost in the gloom, the cross should be our light. Hearken to His will, and all will come for good and His glory.
  • Completely honored to serve this am.