24 PAX members answered the bell this morning. Given the temperature rose about ten degrees from yesterday, it was down right balmy this AM! We set out for constant motion and to imitate the intensity of #TheSharkTank in CLT Metro. Here’s what we did:


-Fast mosey up the parking deck – COP
– SSH x20, GM x10 Merkins x15

The Zipper – Courtney of Lee
– Five burpees per parking deck level. Run from the top and crisscross between stairwells doing burpees (5) between the two stairwells. Run to the bottom and then back to the top.

– Run down the parking deck, Karaoke, backwards run and then bear crawl down the last ramp

– Run up the ramp for Mary – Knee-ups, American Hammers

Main Event

– Run up the far parking deck steps. Trip on the stairs on the way up. Ha.

– COP: SSH, Merkin, Mountain Climber, PlankJacks, Windmill #mumblechatter

Four Corners – Each corner of the deck do an exercise (x10)

1. Burpees, Hand Release Merkins #crowdfavorite, Star-Jumps, Jumping Lunge
2. Burpees, Hand Release Merkins #crowdfavorite, LBC, Jumping Lunge
3. Burpees, Hand Release Merkins #crowdfavorite, LBC, Knee-up
4. Burpees, Hand Release Merkins #crowdfavorite, Star-Jumps, Jumping Lunge

1. Wheelbarrow #thanksfazio #denalilearnstospell down and back;
2. Suicide – 4 lines (Partner 1), Merkins (Partner 2)- switch;
3. Suicide – 3 lines (Partner 1), LBC (Partner 2) – switch;
3. Suicide – 2 lines (Partner 1), Derkins (Partner 2) – switch;

The Zipper
-Same as above – Five burpees each level of the deck. Up and down between the stairwells.

– Mary while we wait for the Six: Knee-up, Dolly, Rosalita,

– Fast mosey down the deck – Karaoke, backwards run, and bear crawl


Naked Moleskin:

– EC was the warm up run for The Zipper. Lee pulled this together on the castle in CLT and it’s a good one!
– Speaking of CLT Metro, Maize jumped in The SharkTank pool yesterday and talked about how intense the work-out was and how the participants were really pushing it. Cue the motivational music. Capital City can hang with CLT Metro. We can’t let them beat us so constant movement is/was the name of the game today. #isi #getfaster
– Wilson was wearing camo gear and a Fuchsia tabaggon hat. #unconventional #urbanhunter
– MacGruber and Manram really have a special “bromance”. I’m not sure what the two of them were jawing at but I love the accountability (is that what it’s called?).
– LifeAlert and MacGruber were trying to give the YHC lip about his choice of COP location. I’d do the same to you. Thanks for keeping me honest but you’ll notice your comments got you nowhere. #complaintbox
– Where was Azul? Didn’t he call his post on the Twitter Box? Got a bit ahead of himself. #am/pm?
– Starbuck’s is the coffee spot of choice post FloodZone. #truth I don’t know what Yo-yo did to grow such a great work-out or following but FloodZone is one of the best. Good work my friend!

– Krispy Kreme challenge and Arena.

-Pink Slips child and John Risley (SP?)

Always an honor to run around Crabtree will each of you. See you in the gloom,