Well the temperature was warmer than predicted, so no excuses!  5 PAX came out this morning to get the job done.  As usual, QIC slept terribly waking every 30 minutes in anticipation…to bring some pain.  QIC also did his best to keep the PAX warm…

Mosey up to Entrance and back to gravel Road
Imperial Walkers
Good Mornings
Mountain Climbers
Run to Covered Picnic Tables

Covered Picnic Tables
20 Box Jumps
Squat Hold 12 count each
10 Burpees
1 Lap Around Parking Lot
20 Alternating Left/Right Step-up
Decline Plank with toes on table 12 count each
10 Burpees
1 Lap Around Parking Lot
40 Jump Squats
40 3 count Arm Circles
10 Burpees
Run to Rock Pile

Rock Pile
2 Rounds in Cadence
Rock Squat Press
Triceps Extensions
Rock Curl
Pass Rock to the right

At Equipment
3 cycles
AMRAP Hanging Leg Raises
20 Chill Peter Parkers in Cadence
15 Irkins in Cadence

At Covered Picnic Tables
10 Burpees
1 Lap Around Parking Lot

Slow Freddy Mercury
Merkin Hammers – a lot


Krispy Kreme Run Feb 14th
Mud Run in April

CDC took us out in Prayer